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Things to Know to Learn Web Design
HTML: It’s a mark up language, not a programming language, it’s very easy to learn.

CSS: It’s also markup language

Photoshop: The basic task to learn here is to create HTML template (PSD to HTML) from PSD and create banners, buttons, animations.

In addition, you can learn how to create animations with Flash.

How to Learn Web Design
You can better learn web design through tutorials from different web sites. There are many sites in Bangla English to learn these. Web design is very easy to learn, it is possible to learn in a few months.

What is Web Development?
Web development is the creation of applications for websites. There are thousands of such applications mentioned above, web developers will have to create these applications. If you are freelancing then it may be possible to create applications that do not exist on earth as per client’s needs. This topic is more challenging and dynamic. Otherwise you have to design the application. So web development can be called more specific web application development.

Things you need to know to learn web development
HTML, CSS and then the following ..

Client side programming languages ​​such as JavaScript: This is called browser scripting, meaning that the code written with this language will work in just about any browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.) It can be done quickly with JavaScript framework. A framework for this is the jQuery tutorial.

Server Side Programming Languages ​​such as PHP: This is called server side scripting because the code written with this language is executed only on the server.

Database: How to connect a database with PHP, to build a database using SQL, that is, to know the database design because now there is a database of any dynamic site or you can say it has a database.

Any one of PHP’s frameworks like Codeigniter: (There are more cakes like PHP, Zend Framework, Symphony, Wii II, Kohana, etc.): You can build a web application without any framework, but it will take longer and more code is required.

XML: takes XML for APIs, minor data storing, etc.

How to Learn Web Development
There are many sites in Bangla English you can learn from these tutorials. Besides, there are many good books on Wrox or Apress publications that need help. The most effective technique for learning web development is to “sit down and create a project”, be it a forum, blog, user management system or any such project. Do it with raw PHP. Then go to CMS or Framework Development.

Web development takes a lot of time, learning is difficult and requires a lot of patience. The demand for web developers in the field of freelancing or freelancing is skyrocketing. web design in cardiff