How To Start A Dropshipping Business

What is Dropshipping?
-> In simple words, put a product info in your own store, then the customer entered your store and ordered to buy the product. Now you buy this product from a supplier and send it to your customer. This process is a drop shipment. Now, in the words of profit, suppose you want to sell the product at $ 50 in your store, but the product’s original price is $ 30 and the customer will buy the product at $ 50, then how much is your profit from your store? Hmm $ 20, that’s your profit.

In simple words, you will order from someone, then buy from the supplier and supply the product to the ordered. This is actually a dropshiping.

★ What do you need for Dropshiping?

-) >> You will need some things for Business Dropshipping
-> 1. You’ll need a own online store. That’s why there is a great domain and a hosting.
-> 2. You can use Woocommerce if you want (a WordPress plugin will get it and it’s free)
Or you can use Shopify Cloudbased service to spend dollars in a month.
3. You will need a payment gateway, paypal is the best solution but we do not have that golden deer, so we can use 2 checkout. (In case of passport or driving license required)
4. Find out good and hot products. We can use or or and from there we can provide product related info to our store.

5. Good quality vendor should be outout so that when ordering, he will respond promptly and supply the product according to the desired address.
(Will continue)

Behind: If you look at the picture below, you can understand it well. What I wanted to say was an infograph. What is Dropshipping? How does it work? Are you qualified to be a dashshipper?

Everyone has a question on how to get a good nicotine or a good nicer?
A. First of all, what will we know? In my opinion, or in most people, nish implies that it is appropriate and niche market is a suitable market. Suppose the garment industry is what we call the Garments Industry and it can say apperal niche.

How to find out the nick for #Dropship?
Say you want to prepare your store with Travel BackPack.
#You can take help of Google keyword planner now. You can search by entering keywords in your search and see how much volume (Search volume in Monthly 1000-5000 is good for you – this is my own opinion) Then see suggested bid, it should be very careful not to be too high.

#AMAZON_SEARCH: By typing your keyword nickname amazon e to see how much product is on your net, what are the quantities sold in it? If you see that buying ration is low and the number of products is also small, avoid this niche.

# Next search by entering your name and see how much there are sub reddit and how they are discussed. If you get less here, avoid it. If you look at the subject matter, regular practice is going forward with your diagnosis.

For the convenience of all of you, I’ll give you the name of Nche

1. MMA
2. Ketogenic diet
3. Crossfit
4. Backpack
5. Novelty Socks

★ I’m trying to tell myself like me, there may be many mistakes. I would like to call on the apology of forgiveness.

(Will continue)


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